Some Assembly Required: Wiring the Storage Area

| 1/23/2011 10:21:15 PM

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A photo of Nebraska DaveThrough out the years of putting together late night Christmas items and flat box furniture, I have become quite familiar with the term "Some Assembly Required." So it is that all home projects are ladened with assembly required. My storage area project was not exempt.

With out farther ado lets get started wiring a storage area shall we? The first item was the mounting of the wall switch box and wiring the single pole single throw switch. This is about as easy as it gets for wiring a switch. Yes that is an aluminum can crusher mounted on the wall. It hasn't been used in about a decade since I've quit drinking pop/soda/soda pop (depending on what part of the country your in).

Dave working on light switch  

With all the wire run from one box to another the actual connecting wires together begins. This next box is the busiest box in the wiring project. It's where all the wires come together and one light is mounted.

New Light Mounting Box 

A little time has to be taken to figure out just what needs to be connected to what. After some time the task is completed.

allan douglas
3/4/2011 12:04:13 PM

OOOhhhh... spiffy duds, dude! And congratulations for bringing illumination to your food storage area. I've been wishing I had a food storage area... and about building one... but that would mean digging a basement under our house where we have only a crawl space. That's a LOT of work!

nebraska dave
1/27/2011 11:34:20 PM

@Lori, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The electrical was just the first phase of the project. I'm now into the insulation of the ceiling and inside walls. I'll get to building a wall and installing a door hopefully by spring. Yeah, I still can't believe it's me in the photo. I hope that all is well with you and your household. Have a great day.

1/27/2011 4:42:41 PM

Dave, You're lookin quite fetchin in that there fancy get up!! My hubby is a maintenance man at a nearby cabinet factory. He can do electrical, pneumatic, plumbing, work on motors, and many other things. It comes in really handy when we have a home project! You are quite the do-it-yourself-er too!!! Congratulations on a finished project!

nebraska dave
1/27/2011 4:01:13 PM

@Mountain Woman, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always enjoy your Vermont pictures of your land there. Mountain Man always seems to be busy doing something. He certainly has a lot of energy. Yeah, you won't see the Tux thing for quite a while. It kind of bunches up when I'm trying to do some wiring. :) I guess it really is true about the clothes making the man. Well, making him look good any way. Have a great day enjoying the Vermont scenery.

mountain woman
1/27/2011 10:16:21 AM

Hi Dave, I came to visit because I wanted to see you in a tux and I wasn't disappointed. You look great! As to wiring, I'm always worried when Mountain Man does wiring and just hope no one gets hurt. You did a great job. I think you are just amazing to do all the projects you do. Thanks again for all your wonderful comments and here's to a great cup of coffee!

nebraska dave
1/25/2011 9:28:55 PM

@Cindy, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. My grandson spent all of last winter near San Antonio. No snow there with barefoot weather all winter. He just hasn't grabbed a hold of the concept of bright sunshine and cold weather. He is fascinated by snow and continually wants to eat it. Just keep after the basement. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job of getting rid of stuff. I haven't found an electronics recycling place here. The only place that takes electronics charges a fee anywhere from $10 to $20 depending of how big the electronic device is. Yeah, the Ball was great but I'd rather have on jeans and a work shirt and be doing some real work done. That hob knobbing stuff just isn't my cup of tea. I guess it's good to break out and do something different once in awhile. Have a great basement cleaning day.

cindy murphy
1/25/2011 4:05:06 PM

Dapper Dave! You're looking quite jaunty there, in that tux. Cool beans for you, getting to go to the Governor's Ball. Congratulations on the progress you're making with your storage area. Alas, my basement project isn't going as quickly....probably because I decided to tackle the whole basement instead of just the one corner. Away with it, I say, get it out of here! Just took a huge load (barely room for me and the teenager in the car) to Goodwill this afternoon. Some other stuff made it to the electronics recycling drop off, and a few full bins of recycling at home. Very little in the trash in comparison. And looks worse than when I started down there!!! Good you're keeping up with your grandson. I take it from your comment about him not thinking it'd be so cold that this is his first winter in snow? How fun! The kids are always out sledding in the backyard ravine, but I haven't made it down the hill yet...though I have had my fair share of snowy activities; shoveling comes to mind. I've also been getting in a bunch of x-country skiing, some of it with my youngest. She's a pistol, and we're having a blast. Enjoy that coffee, and stay warm.

nebraska dave
1/24/2011 4:35:58 PM

@K.C., thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to leave a comment. I'm still not real confidient about doing such projects and am always amazed when it actually works the first time the power is switched on. I guess maybe I really have been learning on my volunteer trips. The young couple in the middle were the dancers. It was amazing to watch them. They had won the all college dance contest last year. I'm always amazed at how a couple can glide across the floor seemingly knowing what the other is going to do next. As for me, I can kind of shuffle around the floor but I wouldn't really call it dancing. It would be more of trying to move to the music. I got a reprive with that as Karen had twisted her knee the week before and was glad to sit the dancing out. Have a great Kansas day.

nebraska dave
1/24/2011 4:29:49 PM

@Hank, I'm putting some what I've learned from the volunteer work with the electricians to good use. I started working on the carpentry today. I have to build a box around a furnace heat tube. Insulation will be in the box and in the ceiling to keep the heat out of the storage area as much as possible. It may even help with heating the dining room which has a long run across the basement to get to the vent. It should cut down on the heat loss while in route. It just could be that I'm improving more than one thing. I thought I was going to have to cut a section of those nice shelves off to build the wall I want to wall off the area but I found that a section in the back was just cobbled on to the shelves which came off quite easily and had the 2X2s needed to build the box around the heat tube. I love it when things like that happen. I must have been living right last week.

k.c. compton
1/24/2011 3:27:46 PM

You say "easy" but the idea of doing anything with the electrical system still makes me itch! Congratulations on getting it complete. Accomplishment! Whoo-hooooo! And you look right smart in that tux, Mr. Dave. Right smart indeed. And good-lookin' company you're with as well. Stay warm, KC

hank will_2
1/24/2011 3:22:52 PM

Nice wiring job, Dave. I love how neat your box work looks. And wow, you look great in a tuxedo!

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