Snow Came, He Saw, She Conquered

A husband and wife have different ideas on efficiency.

| January/February 2009

Kissing goodbye

I planned on being back to Maeve in just a little while.

illustration by Brian Orr

Women just don’t understand efficiency. In this case, I’m speaking specifically about my bride of 17 years, Maeve.

It’s not as though I haven’t tried to give her the benefit of my years of time-management skills, but for all my careful and loving instruction, it just seems to blow right past her.

Today was a perfect example. It snowed last night. Not a lot of snow by northern Idaho standards, but there was a stiff wind blowing at the time, and it drifted the snow a few feet deep in multiple places along our 300-foot-long driveway. Normally, that would mean getting out the old tractor and bucketing the snow off, or even using snow shovels, thereby wasting a couple of hours of valuable time. But not today.

I’d finally convinced a friend of mine to sell me his old snowplow. From the standpoint of efficiency, it couldn’t be better because it was made for the tractor I’d bought from him the year before. At first, he wouldn’t sell the plow because he planned on modifying it for his new tractor, but he never got around to it and finally just purchased a new blade.

So, I now owned a snowplow that fit my tractor exactly. That’s efficiency. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it at our place yet. I had planned to pick it up today, because I needed to go into town to get some chicken feed and figured picking up the plow and the feed on the same trip would be a more economical, some might say a more efficient, use of my time.

Well, I wasn’t going to let a little snow in the driveway get in the way of sound efficiency. I called my friend with the plow and told him I was on the way.

earth spirit
3/18/2009 7:17:38 PM

Loved this story! I'm still laughing!

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