The New Henry Repeating Arms Rifle: .30-30 Brass Wildlife Edition (Video)

Caleb and Bob check out the brand-new Henry Repeating Arms rifle, and for open sights at 100 yards, it’s pretty accurate right out of the box.

Henry Repeating Arms has a brand-new gun for sale: the .30-30 Brass Wildlife Edition. Caleb D. Regan, Editor-in-Chief of Grit Magazine, and Bob Legault, the Ogden Publications sales director, had a chance to try it out.

This beautiful, made-in-America rifle is hard to beat right out of the box. Without adjusting the open sights, Caleb and Bob hit pie-plate-sized targets at 100 yards, and tighter groups yet at 60 yards. With handy features, a sensitive trigger, and smooth lever action, the new rifle is not only a well-crafted tool, but a sure conversation piece around a campfire.

This Henry Repeating Arms .30-30 Brass Wildlife Edition is a rifle you’ll be proud to own and admire.

For details about the rifle (and, until November 17, 2016, a chance to win one yourself), visit: