Razor-Back Tools Introduces SuperSocket Shovel

| 4/15/2014 9:12:00 AM

Razor-Back Tools

RAZOR-BACK Professional Tools, a leading manufacturer of non-powered landscaping and construction jobsite products, introduces its newest offering, the round point SuperSocket shovel, with Power-Step feature. The SuperSocket shovel is a durable option that can dig in the hardest, rockiest soil, and is made for tackling the toughest jobs.

Perfect for jobsite digging tasks such as breaking sedimentary rock or solid clay, this new offering features a socket five inches longer than standard industrial-grade shovel sockets, providing more steel reinforcement to provide a strong socket connection at a length of sixteen inches. The industrial-gauge steel blade reinforces the strength of the shovel for added durability. This combines with the new Power-Step, an over-sized and cleated step for secure foot placement for improved leverage while digging.

The SuperSocket shovel has a number of features that make it the best tool for your tough job:

• Heavy duty, industrial gauge, open-back steel blade
• Forward-turned Power-Step feature, ideal for digging
• Available in premium 48-inch white ash handle or fiberglass handles
• 10” cushioned grip on wood handles and 9” cushion grip with rubber liner on fiberglass handles

All SuperSocket shovel blades are American-made, and most of the RAZOR-BACK tool line is manufactured in the U.S., demonstrating the RAZOR-BACK brand’s increased commitment to supporting U.S. manufacturing and job creation.