Outdoor Solar Shower: The End

| 6/24/2010 11:19:49 AM

A photo of Drew OdomAfter 3 posts explaining the build it is time to take you inside the solar heated outdoor shower. So, c'mon. Grab your soap and let's go!

7/2/2010 8:05:46 AM

@Oz Girl - I like to smoosh them and use them for exfoliater. hahahahahaha! LOL. And I agree. If we could add a hot tub to this menagerie I would be one happy fool! LOL. You have a great day yourself.

Oz Girl
7/2/2010 7:10:31 AM

I agree... I'm lovin' the outdoor shower. I think if I could get hubby to do this and the hot tub project, then we'd only need our indoor shower in the wintertime!! :-) As far as the mosquitoes.... ACK!!!! I will be glad when they go away. They are BAADDD this year, and of course, they eat me alive while they barely bother my husband. It annoys the crap outta me when he says "a mosquito bit me this morning". A?? ONE???? LOL.... have a great day Drew!!!

6/24/2010 10:00:56 PM

Thank you Dave. I always appreciate your comments and your support and your readership. What's next? Hmmmmmm.....I actually have nothing in the works although we are slowly building our earth oven. It won't be solar powered but it is made of 100% earth and will use only fire and sun to bake. Will that work? hahahahahah