New Toro® 1500 Power Curve® Offers Dependability During Winter’s Worst

| 10/1/2012 12:29:32 PM

This season, trade in that shovel for the convenience that comes with the new Toro® 1500 Power Curve® electric snowblower.

Toro's 1500 Power Curve offers a surprising amount of snow-moving power and proven reliability that ensures a clean start, every time. With minimal maintenance demands and easy maneuverability -- without the fuss of gas and oil -- the 1500 Power Curve adds up to the ideal product for homeowners living in areas where snowfall amounts range from a dusting to about 12 inches during any given storm.

Toro's new 1500 Power Curve (MSRP: $219.99) includes these distinct features that make it ideal for homeowners who need a quick and convenient way to clear their path:

  • Easy-to-Use Controls - Toro's sleek handle design offers simple, intuitive controls for operation with either hand.
  • Zip Deflector - Toro's patented Zip Deflector technology locks in the direction you want to throw the snow and quickly adjusts with a simple pull on the handle.
  • Chute Lever – Easy-to-reach controls allow operators to adjust the snow stream, without having to crank to change the chute direction.
  • Power Curve Technology - Toro engineers created a streamlined snow removal system incorporating a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing that provides a more efficient snow removal process
  • Large Wheels - The unit’s wheel height provides better maneuverability in deep snow.
  • Cord Lock - Never worry about your power cord dislodging; Toro's cord-locking feature ensures the cord won't come unplugged in the middle of your task.
  • Qwik-Key™ Starting - The easy-to-push start button doubles as a removable key

Proven Power Curve technology means you can move more snow, more efficiently, without the hassle of filling up a gas tank prior to every snowstorm. The Power Curve 1500 guarantees an easy start, every time, meaning you won't be left out in the cold when it's time to clear a path to winter freedom.

Look for Toro snowblowers at your local authorized Toro dealer and shop online at Select models can be purchased at The Home Depot® stores and online at For more information, contact Toro toll free at 1-866-336-5205 or visit Need help deciding which snowblower is right for you? Check out Toro’s online snowblower selector.

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