New Products from Rhino

Take a look in your machinery shed, then make room for new equipment from Rhino. During the 2010 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, this month, the company introduced a family of Boom Mowers, a new Brush Grapple attachment for compact tractors and an all-new Stealth Flex-Wing Cutter.

Reaches those tough spots

Alamo Group® is pleased to announce the introduction of a new family of 3-Point mounted Boom Mowers into the Rhino line of products.

The family includes three models, the 1400, 1600 and 1900, with boom reach ranging from 14 feet 1 inch to 19 feet 8 inches. Each model is available with a 39-inch or 48-inch flail type cutting head, depending on model, or a 58-inch sickle type cutter bar to cover a wide range of conditions and applications. All three models are 3-Point mounted for quick installation.

“With a maximum reach vertically of over 23 feet and horizontally of nearly 20 feet, this new family of boom mowers really makes it easy for users to reach those tough to maintain areas on ranches, farms, and roadsides,” says Randy Webb, Rhino’s product marketing manager.

Each of the models has totally independent hydraulics with dual rotor rotation for upward or downward cutting. Plus, each model includes a hydraulic break-away safety mechanism, and each flail head has an adjustable front guard for thrown object protection. The flail heads also include a “Wire Trap” system to prevent loose wires from getting tangled in the rotor.

Simple in-cab cable controlled remote controls make machine operation simple. Each unit is designed with parallel arm geometry to allow adjusting the reach without constant height adjustment. The 1600 and 1900 models feature Power Slew and Hy-Reach for cutting inside the width of the tractor or for cutting straight up close to the tractor.

Handles the heavy lifting

The Brush Grapple attachment for Front End Loaders and Skid Loaders provides the tool farmers, ranchers and homeowners need to help clean up storm debris or other types of debris around their property. The grapples are available in three widths, 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches, and they are compatible with universal skid steer quick attach or Euro-style quick attach devices.

“Many brush grapples are too heavy for large compact or utility size tractor loaders. We focused on providing a light weight, rugged design that is capable of handling the work while being light enough to be used by compact or utility tractors, and we accomplished that goal with this product,” says Webb.

The wide grapple opening, with serrated leading edge and tine “teeth” provides faster cleanup operations by grabbing the material and holding it in place while it is being transported.

The independent upper grapples allow holding unevenly shaped brush or other debris with maximum clamping force. The grapples close down to the lower tines to provide holding power for a wide range of material sizes.

Caters to utility tractor owner

The new TS12 Stealth Flex-Wing Cutter features an exclusive close-coupled design for low tongue weight and shorter turning radius, targeting tractors in the 35-50 PTO horsepower class.

“Designed specifically for customers with smaller tractors, this machine’s unique ‘stealth’ appearance, its very short wheel base, and its anti-scalp features make this the ideal machine for customers who need a flex-wing cutter’s versatility but may not have a tractor large enough to pull a 15 foot unit. The TS12 offers a full 12 foot cutting width, cutting the time spent mowing drastically compared to most rigid deck cutters,” says Greg Pollock, sales and marketing director for Rhino’s Ag Division.

The smooth top decks allow easy cleaning, and the smooth deck underside allows outstanding air flow through the high volume cutting chamber. Any necessary adjustments are done with a single level rod.

“The 1 1/2 inch diameter cut capacity is ideally suited for mowing pastures, waterways, and other areas around the farm or ranch,” says Webb.

The TS12 offers a full 12-foot cutting width, a unique “wing-bar” blade carrier, direct acting suspension system, equal angle fully pivoting tongue, fully hinged wing connection, and greasable tongue and axle pivots. The drive train includes a 160 hp divider gearbox and 65 hp outboard gearboxes, each with a 5-year limited warranty.

For more information on any of these products, contact your Rhino dealer, call 877-408-3297 or visit the website.

  • Published on Feb 16, 2010
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