National Farm Equipment Show Report 1

| 2/12/2009 10:01:00 AM

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I made it to Louisville late yesterday afternoon … the plane literally blew in. Seriously, I haven’t experienced such turbulence on a commercial flight in my entire life. And to make matters even more interesting, the wind has wreaked havoc with the local power grid … electricity comes and goes here at the Kentucky Exposition Center.


In spite of the power issues, folks continue to stream through the doors and past acres of machinery and other must-haves for the farm. I haven’t come close to walking the entire floor yet, but I did stop to visit with the folks at Cub Cadet Yanmar, Land Pride, and New Holland to take a look at some new products suited for smaller operators and acreage owners.


Land Pride has its relatively new All-Purpose Seeder on hand with a brand new small-seed box on it. The small-seed box allows you to sow small seeded clovers along with grass seed … seed tubes from both boxes are metered separately so you can control the relative proportions of various seed types. I am a big fan of Land Pride because their seeders, box scrapers, mowers and rotary tillers have served us so well over the years.


Cub Cadet Yanmar has its new (and now shipping) EX450 tractor and is offering a free bale spear to folks willing to commit to making a deal here at the show. They also have a number of other attachments on hand including a 36-inch-wide-bucket-equipped backhoe, several mowers, tillers and a hydraulic angled front-mount grader blade. I can’t wait to see what Cub Cadet Yanmar introduces next.


Hank Will_1
2/12/2009 3:14:13 PM

Heaven indeed, KC. Luckily I can't fit anything like a new tractor into my bag ... I will report on my interview with THE farm machinery rock star tomorrow morning.

KC Compton_2
2/12/2009 11:50:08 AM

Hey there -- Looks like you're in your kind of heaven! Nice job of reporting back while pretending to be working. :-) Sorry about the turbulence. When I lived in Albuquerque that kind of landing and takeoff was fairly routine and it was just wretched every single time. Have fun and we'll look for more posts. --KC