March Issue of Farm Collector Magazine is A Real Winner

| 2/19/2009 2:16:00 PM

Hank WillThe March issue of Farm Collector Magazine just resurfaced on my desk; there is something about the Massey-Harris Pony on the cover that makes me smile. It’s true that I am especially partial to International Harvester tractors, but I really like the little Pony because it reminds me of the Farmall Cub. If ever there was a cute tractor, this is it.

Farm Collector is one of my favorite magazines because it honors the people, machinery and companies that coalesced to form the firm foundation of world-wide agriculture. The March issue has a great story on William Galloway and his implement company. Who among old-iron enthusiasts wouldn’t love to own a nicely preserved Galloway tractor or engine?

The March 2009 Farm Collector rocks!

My favorite story in this issue has to be Loretta Sorensen’s tribute to the Farmall Promenade … a tractor square dancing troupe from Iowa that has entertained thousands of spectators around the country for a decade. The group’s final performance was last August, but you can see a video of their performance art here. I am trying to be partial here, but it is true that Farmall was an IH brand.

1928 Case Plow Co. ad.

The March issue’s centerfold is a facsimile of a breathtaking 1928 Case Plow Co. ad. Wow, what is it about agricultural-ephemera that is so compelling. Although, I will admit that I cannot imagine operating a triple hitch, much less any horse-drawn turning plow, the image is of a place that I would like to see. And it is every bit as worthy of hanging on my wall at home as the few pieces of original art we own.

Loretta Sorensen
2/20/2009 12:19:33 PM

Hank, thanks for the nice note here. The story about Farmall promenade was a joy to write and watching them perform is not easy to describe, it was just so much fun! Glad you enjoyed the story and I agree that this latest issue of Farm Collector was top notch all the way through! - Loretta