Easy Upkeep for Your Country Lane

Learn a simple way to keep your country lane in top-notch condition by using Yanmar’s handy, rear-mounted grader blade.

Gravel lanes are shaped with the crown higher than the edges. This way, water and runoff will drain from the road into the grass. However, as time goes on and the roads are used, gravel and dirt shift away from the center toward the edges of the lane, creating low spots, ruts, and poor drainage. With this tool and a few light sweeps across your lane, you can pull material back away from the edge of the grass and into the middle once again, refilling those holes as you go.

With quick adjustments on the grader blade’s axis, you can also use the tool to push snow, grade ditches and waterways, level off a corral, scrap manure from a barn, or even push down small trees!

Your gravel lane may be the only way to get vehicles on and off your property. Don’t let its maintenance fall by the wayside, and use this tool for plenty of projects in the meantime.

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