Some Thoughts About Tools From A Woman’s Perspective

| 3/13/2015 11:40:00 AM

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Karrie SteelyAs a woman I have a unique appreciation of the right tools. Having used them for much of my life, I don’t take it for granted when I find something that works well for me, and I marvel at how much harder life must have been before modern tools were invented.

As all of us women know, most hand tools are designed for men. They are made for big hands and upper body strength. Often they’re awkward to hold and sometimes difficult to use. More often than not, I have to put my noggin to work to figure out how to use leverage or gravity to make up for smaller hands and lack of physical size and strength.

pulling staples 

We’re working long hard hours to build our house on the old abandoned farmstead where my partner grew up (and his dad before him). It’s a huge task. Fences need to be moved to keep cows out of our area, trees need to be cleared, dirt work to be done, old equipment and buildings to be dealt with, water lines to be put in, a garden and orchard to be prepared … the list goes on.

6/30/2015 1:31:10 PM

Hey Karrie! Looks like the project is coming along great. I too marvel at how hard life must have been before power tools. Like you, I too have a tree shear attachment on my tractor and was able to clear out a large amount of brush in no time. I can't imagine going at that with a machete!

3/15/2015 9:06:58 AM

Karrie, yes, indeed, modern technology is a great help on the homestead. I most likely will never own a skidsteer for my small garden plots and more than likely my hands will wear out shovels and other hand tools. Small and steady work with hand tools give me the retired satisfaction I like. My garden is 60 X 60 feet with another 30 X 30 foot section I've turned over to a neighbor to grow asparagus and potatoes. ***** Have a great modern day tools day.

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