Rebuilding Field Equipment vs. Repairing

| 4/3/2017 11:00:00 AM

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Megan WildHomesteaders often struggle with the issue of rebuilding vs. repairing old or damaged equipment. On one hand, repairing or replacing common parts can serve as a quick-fix that keeps your property up and running. But rebuilding outdated equipment can absolutely give your equipment a second chance at life.

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Dig Into to the Pros and Cons

As you can probably tell, there are pros and cons associated with each approach. While there are the typical benefits and drawbacks — such as costs and downtime — to consider, the world of farming is seldom that simple.

Estimating your total costs regarding ownership and regular maintenance against your profits to gauge your farm's overall sustainability and profitability requires in-depth mathematics. However complex or archaic the subject might be, it's essential when making the decision whether to repair components, rebuild machinery, or buy brand-new equipment. These figures are important when determining whether farming is right for you.

Component Rebuilds and Repairs

Depending on the current condition of your equipment, you might be able to rebuild or replace individual components and parts. This is especially useful with newer equipment, as it allows you to boost your hardware's lifespan and preserve its showroom condition for as long as possible.

Component-specific rebuilds and repairs can be implemented on older machines to draw as much usage as possible before they bite the dust for good. Some systems are more frequently rebuilt or repaired than others. Vehicle engines, transmissions, and powertrains are among the most common.

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