How You May Be Pushing Your Farm Equipment to the Limit

| 8/12/2016 1:14:38 PM

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Megan WildDown on the farm, there are a lot of potential problems that can cause a farmer to have a really bad day. Some of these events are out of their control, such as too much foul weather or not enough rain. Commodity prices set by Wall Street traders hundreds of miles away from the farm can have a huge impact on profits. All the farmer can do is ride out those "storms."

Then there are some issues that can put a damper on a farm day that could be totally preventable. That has to do with farm equipment use. Are you pushing your tractors to the limit? Here are some of the mistakes you might be making with your farm equipment.

Farm Machine With Hay
Source: Unsplash

Not Checking the Owner's Manual

Just as with your pickup truck, every piece of farm equipment comes with an owner's manual. Although you should keep it in a safe place to refer to, if you don’t, you can probably find it online. Beyond the basics of starting up and operating that equipment, those manuals can also provide guidance with regard to proper use. For instance, you might be using a planter with the wrong depth settings. The same can be true for a thrasher or baler.

Solution: A minor adjustment can make all the difference when it comes to grinding gears. That is a sound you never want to hear out in the field.

Running the Machine Beyond Performance Levels

Do you know how fast your tractor can ride? Despite what you might think, most farm equipment is not meant for street racing. Every machine has predetermined performance levels. Those aren't just quaint recommendations, but vital guidelines as to how "hot" you can operate that piece of equipment. To go beyond those performance levels is to invite breakdown.

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