Farm Safety: How to Make Sure Your Seat Belt is Safe

| 9/19/2017 11:14:00 AM

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Megan WildFarming may not seem like a particularly dangerous practice at first glance, but agriculture ranks as one of the more hazardous industries in the world.

The small farm of crops and plants in your backyard may not pose a significant threat to your physical person, but larger-scale operations are a different matter. The bigger the farm or ranch, the higher the risk of injury and illness is for workers and their families. These risks include pesticide exposure, pulmonary disease, industrial equipment incidents, hearing loss, and various stress factors.

Every day at least 100 agricultural operators suffer a work injury. In 2014 alone, 12,000 youth sustained injuries on farms, and 4,000 of said injuries were due to farm work. Some of the best preventive measures against incident and injury on your farm are relatively basic ideas and suggestions.


Source: Pexels

How to Encourage Farm Safety

Keep any and all areas of foot traffic in good repair and free of obstruction hazards. Handrails should be available for all stairways, and you should check all your ladders and equipment regularly and keep it in good condition. Your livestock areas must be clearly labeled and bordered.

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