Extreme Cold Weather Generator Repair and Maintenance

| 1/15/2015 4:00:00 PM

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HISFarmLiving off grid, we rely upon our solar panels, batteries and generator to provide power and heat. As we are still building our farm, we leased the 40-acre farm next to us that has a house.

The challenge during cold weather is the house only has forced air heating. The owners' insurance does not allow for wood heat, other than a pellet stove. That would be PL, IF the pellet stove did not use more electricity than the furnace.

30 below and the generator does not want to start.

When the sun does not shine, we must use the generator to supplement our power storage to the batteries. No sun, no electricity, unless you use the generator.

We have had some extreme cold weather this last week.  We are prepared for it with our generator, or at least I thought I had taken all of the precautions I needed to:

  • Drained the fuel/water separator.

  • Checked the fuel filters for being clean.

  • Fuel tank fill strainer clean.

  • Added extra anti-gel to the fuel tank.

  • Tested and ran the generator when it first got below zero.

I Was Prepared!

10/14/2015 8:00:45 PM

Have a generator I think is a good idea, if the power goes out it there to keep you going. I like the tips about taking care of a generator during the cold weather like checking filters, making sure there is enough anti-gel. I'm sure that I can call a company if the repair is beyond my skills. http://www.southernrewind.com/generators.html

1/16/2015 8:09:52 AM

Chris, I'm glad you got things up and running again. Cold weather does present many challenges. Not having heat in below zero weather can be a dangerous situation. I admire you for taking on the challenges of being off the grid. I suspect that will never happen in my life as I intend to live the urban life for the rest of my aging years. I do try to cut back on all utilities and the house temperature in the winter is in the 60s. It not only helps with the cheaper utility bills but I think its healthier than having the higher temperatures. ***** Have a great above zero day with above freezing on the way soon.

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