How to Make a Living in the Country – 5 Tips for Success

| 6/21/2011 6:36:04 PM

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 Modern homesteading outdoor office 

This week marks 6 months that I've been making a living full time from our little piece of heaven in the forest. As I've mentioned in previous posts, it was a long held dream of mine to bring my work home and spend more time with my son. Of course, as is so often the case, dreams have a funny way of turning out not quite how we expect. It's been amazing, and I wouldn't change anything – until now.

Now, to say the transition from full time employment to full time self-employment was smooth would be a disservice to everyone reading this.  I didn't know right off the bat how to make a living in the country.

And to say I've completely sorted out the myriad challenges of working for myself would be a lie.

But now, barely six months into this venture, I have a thriving web design and support business serving a small group of exclusive (and amazing!) clients, and am having a blast developing my modern homesteading site.  I'm able to pick my son up from school and attend his plays and concerts, I can take time off in the middle of the day to have coffee with a friend, my office window looks out over a lush green forest, and I'm serenaded all day long by birdsong.

So yes, I'm happy.  And super busy!

11/30/2013 9:44:28 PM

Hi Victoria - What a wonderful and helpful article. I can actually hear your excitement and happiness in your words! I would love to have a set-up like yours someday. I was just wondering what your Web site is? You mentioned your business several times, but I don't recall seeing a link. It would be great to see what you have built for your business! I am a perfectionist type too and do really well with proofreading,content development, Web usability, streamlining customer service, etc. I would love to do something similar and all of your comments about working late, not spending enough time enjoying your homestead, having a mentor, and delegating ring oh-so-true!!!! Would love to see your Web site! Thanks, Nicole

11/30/2013 8:17:28 PM

Hi Victoria! My tip is to observe what is growing naturally on the land you are growing on. Make sure that you rest well and as you shared, keep a list of projects but do not overwork yourself. We have found some great "extra income" by nurturing and harvesting herbs that grow naturally on our land. Thank you for the Great tips!!! May you continue to prosper and enjoy the "fruits of your labor"!!!

Nebraska Dave
6/23/2011 1:28:10 PM

Victoria, sounds like you have a plan. I wish you great success in your new venture. I just never was a risk taker. My life was 40 years and a retirement. It worked for my ttemperament I have many friends that are totally opposite from me. An 8 to 5 job would drive them up the wall. To me routine is comforting. To them routine is boring. That's what make life so interesting. Some are movers and shakers like yourself and some are just workers like me. If it weren't for those that have creative business ideas there would be no jobs for guys like me. I hope and pray that everything works out for you even better than you expect. Have a great day in the business world.

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