How to Get Rid of Moles & Gophers: Sweeney’s Offers Tips on Ridding Yard of Moles

| 7/12/2010 5:27:27 PM

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Tractor iconST. LOUIS (July 12, 2010) – Sweeney’s, an industry leader in developing safe and effective DIY pest control products, understands that no outdoor critter wreaks as much backyard havoc as moles and gophers.  For homeowners who’ve had their lawns and gardens destroyed by unsightly mounds and trails, Stewart Clark, Sweeney’s Director of Research and Development, offers straightforward tips on how to get rid of moles

Sweeneey's Mole and Gopher Repellent

“There is no single solution for mole control,” says Clark, who has been actively researching mole behavior and mole control solutions for a decade. “Our approach is honest and direct – you might have to try a variety of products and get involved in the process.  If you are persistent, you will eventually achieve your goal.  But you’ll probably have to experiment with a few tactics to see what works best for you.” 

Understand Your Adversary

Moles live underground and rarely come to the surface.  They create tunnels to search for food and can create up to 100 feet of new tunnels per day.  These tunnels are what destroy lawns, and they can range from long surface tunnels to “volcano” tunnels that can go as deep as three feet underground.    

Assessment Phase
Before you can get rid of the moles in your yard, you need to identify which “runs” or tunnels are active. For this, you’ll need a broom handle for poking holes and small yard markers, spray paint or even plastic forks.  Poke holes into the tunnels and flag them with your marker system.  In 24 – 48 hours, if the hole has been repaired (where the mole has either plugged up the hole or created a new “volcano” mound in a deep tunnel), you know you have an active infestation. 

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