Heatmor Announces New Product Under New Brand Name

| 12/17/2012 4:25:51 PM

Heatmor announces the release of yet another industry-first product.  Heatmor is manufacturing a new line of gun safes under the brand name Reed Custom. 

The Reed Custom 4-slider gun safe has the highest rated fire protection in the industry. Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) 72 specifies a time/temperature curve and specifies where thermocouples should be placed in a safe.  The Reed Custom 4-slider gun safe was tested by NGC Testing Services in Buffalo, New York to the UL 72 specification and has a rating of 200 minutes at 1770F, which means that the interior of the safe stayed under 350F degrees for 200 minutes to a maximum oven temperature of 1770F.

A renowned industry leader, Heatmor is recognized for quality, innovative design and product guarantee. The Reed Custom Gun Safe has a unique vertical slider design that allows the user to remove any firearm without ever having to move another firearm out of the way.  Sliders can hold either guns or valuables.  All Reed Custom Gun Safes are made with 409 Stainless steel and customers can choose any color they want with custom lettering on the front door. 

Reed Custom makes a 4 slider, 3 slider and 2 slider gun safe as well as slider inserts for existing gun safes that may want the slider system.  Reed Custom is the only manufacturer of sliders and Easy Lock gun holders.

Heatmor is considered to be the strongest, most durable stainless steel outdoor furnace in the industry, offering customers the finest outdoor wood heating system while meeting the needs of the environment and the outdoor wood furnace industry. Manufacturing quality outdoor wood furnaces since 1984, they have established a dealer network extending across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.reedcustom.com.

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