Using a Garden Cultivator (Video)

By Staff

Using a Garden Cultivator (Video)

 Add a rotary garden cultivator to your tool shed to save time and energy when preparing your garden beds each year.

Weeding and cleaning up garden beds can be a back-breaking chore for even the smallest garden. A rotary cultivator is a time saver and makes a great addition to any gardener’s arsenal of tools. They also act as a great alternative to heavy, gas-powered machines.

This rotary cultivator from Lehman’s is easy and quick to assemble. The front reel and angled tines break up clods and level planting beds, powering through tough soil easily. The slicing bar can be used to cut off weeds making weeding a more-enjoyable task.

Before your next big gardening project, consider a garden cultivator. They have been used for generations and for good reason. Digging into a hardened garden bed is a lot easier with help, and a cultivator will cut down on the time you spend preparing the garden so you can get to the fun part, watching it grow!

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