“Gasless” Super New Welding Machine Aims To Fill Acetylene Shortage From The March 2011 Louisville Chemical Plant Explosion

| 6/4/2012 8:17:38 AM

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Citing the horrors of the acetylene plant explosion, in March 2011, Multiplaz North America announced it continues to woo potential resellers, as it is overwhelmingly winning consumers with its green technology, gasless, based Super New Plasma Welding and Cutting Machine, the Multiplaz 3500.

CEO, Patricia Lewis-Hansen said, “The Multiplaz 3500 could not have arrived in North America at any better time. Actually it would have been better to have been sooner than our January 2011 arrival, and the introductory price of $1995 certainly makes it an attractive purchase.

As predicted, both the United States and the Canadian consumers are appreciating our advanced technology, and their purchases show this. Now with the shortages created by the tragic explosion, and the cost of the gas that is available, more consumers are seeking our product. I have had customers call me and say the acetylene price they are paying now, is really hurting the overall cost of their work. They are also telling me that they feel that only the big guys are getting what acetylene gas is available”.

The Multiplaz 3500 uses just 3 ounces of alcohol and water, mixed per process requirement, and runs for 20 – 30 minutes without a refill. The inverter does not have to be turned off with its 100% duty cycle. It can do gas welding, stick welding, and TIG and MIG type welding, and the plasma cutter can cut to 3/8”.

Lewis-Hansen went on to say, “It is a tragedy that happened in Louisville, but Multiplaz is timely in picking up the need, and supplying the gas-free Super New Welding and Cutting Machine, the Multiplaz 3500, so North American customers can continue their work.”

CEO Patricia Lewis-Hansen will head operations and comes from 14 plus years in consumer technology. Ms. Hansen worked with Chairman Founder of Sega of America David Rosen, introducing Sega video game technology products to North America, and was CFO of Optical Disc Media, Inc., who pioneered and replicated the first DVD in the North American marketplace. Ms. Lewis-Hansen said, “We anticipate the North American market to appreciate the Multiplaz 3500 system technology. No other product offers so much for so little. People will feel today a technology of tomorrow. So far consumers are telling us this tool is too good to be true, and yes, it is true. We are very excited to introduce this new clean level to the welding industry”.

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