DR® Power Introduces New Lithium Ion Battery Powered Hand Tools

| 6/29/2012 8:08:19 AM

Today DR® Power Equipment introduced a new line up of lithium ion battery powered yard tools. The company created the new yard tools line up as a single-battery solution for a variety of homeowner lawn and garden care needs. Now available for purchase, the new line up of DR® Yard Tools includes lithium ion battery blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaw pruners, string trimmers, and pole saws.

DR® Power Equipment Product Manager Craig Wolosinki said the company chose to use lithium ion batteries instead of conventional NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries to create the most innovative, highest-quality product possible. “Lithium ion batteries last three times longer and are up to 40% lighter than NiCad,” Wolosinki said. “They charge faster, are more powerful, and let you work full strength all the way to the end of the battery cycle.”

Unlike other battery-powered tools that require a separate battery for each tool, the new DR® Yard Tools feature a universal lithium ion battery that can be shared with any DR® tool. All tools are available for purchase with or without the battery and charger, so the customer can purchase additional tools as needed without the additional expense of each battery.

DR® Yard Tools are available for purchase through DR® Power Equipment at http://www.drpower.com/.

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