Top 10 Reasons to Own a Compact Tractor

By Staff

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Compact Tractor

Hard-working compact tractors give you economic features and power to get jobs done.

by Tim Nephew
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I owned an old classic gas tractor that was manufactured in the 1950’s. My Dad and I restored it to like new condition and it was a workhorse for us for many years. Because that tractor had been originally designed and constructed with quality workmanship and materials, it withstood the rigors of time and sixty years of use.

 Although I loved that tractor and it continued to shoulder its share of work, it simply was underpowered and lacked the versatility available in today’s compact tractors. Features such as powerful diesel engines, a variety of implements and attachments for every need, and the technology advancements in electronics and safety, all combined to make the decision to purchase a compact tractor one I have never regretted.

If you are considering purchasing a new or used compact tractor, keep in mind that the average tractor ownership is twenty plus years. It is important to make sure the tractor you purchase is from a quality manufacturer that stands behind their tractors and will provide you with a valuable tool to accomplish all those tasks on your acreage for many years in the future.

There are many uses for a compact tractor that can be a real time saver on your rural property or acreage. Here are some top ten uses that I have found make owning a compact tractor a great investment.

1. Brush mowing and Trail Clearing: 

Overgrown fields choked with weeds and brush or opening trails through the woods, are projects you can tackle with your compact tractor and a heavy duty mower. Rough cut mowers can be coupled with the tractor that can handle brush and saplings up to one inch in diameter or add a finish mower to keep your property maintained.

2. Material Handling:

Compact tractors with a loader can move large quantities of material such as rocks, gravel, sand, soil and compost. Front end loaders that are matched to the tractors capability are a valuable attachment that make back breaking jobs much easier and can save you money in outside labor costs.

3. Landscape Work:

With a compact tractor, doing your own landscaping for either a new or existing property can drastically reduce the cost of projects and allow you to control your own timeline. Whether you’re putting in a retaining wall, patio or doing a complete landscape project, you can add the attachments to your tractor to get the job done.

4. Driveway Maintenance and Improvements:

Keeping your driveway in good driving condition is easily accomplished with a compact tractor and the proper implements. Back blades mounted on your three point hitch will keep your driveway looking good and box scraper attachments allow you to level, grade or backfill low areas.

5. Snow Removal:

If you live in the Snow Belt, using a compact tractor to clear snow and keep roads open makes sense and can save you time and money. There are both front and rear mounted snow blowers that are attached to the Power Take Off (PTO) of the tractor. If you have a front loader on your tractor, using a rear mounted snow blower is a great combination that allows you to move snow in tight areas around buildings and still handle long driveways.

6. Garden Tilling:

Preparing or expanding your garden is a breeze with a compact tractor and tiller. Regardless of your tractor size, there are tillers that can be matched to your tractors capability. From small garden plots to large commercial sized gardens, spring preparation and fall cleanup are quick chores with the right implements.

7. Cleaning Stables or Livestock Enclosures:

One of the benefits of a compact tractors size is its ability to be able to maneuver inside of buildings to help clean out stables or stalls. Moving manure piles with your loader and spreading it on your fields with your tractor and manure spreader are manageable jobs and less time consuming.

8. Post Hole Work:

Whether you are putting in a new fence or putting up a pole shed, a compact tractor with a three point auger attachment can eliminate a lot of manual back breaking work. If you have a one time job or if your needs would be infrequent, post hole augers can be found at most rental facilities for a very reasonable cost.

9. Food Plot Preparation:

Using a compact tractor to create and maintain wildlife food plots can be an enjoyable family project. Making your property a haven for viewing or hunting is easily accomplished with a few attachments such as a cultipacker, a disc or small plow. Seed and fertilizer can be spread with a three point rotary spreader. 

10. Hay Production:

Being able to bale your own hay for a small horse or livestock operation is a great reason to own a compact tractor and hay implements. Purchasing hay on a per bale cost for more than a few cattle or horses can really add up over time. If you have land available, making your own hay can be a real cost savings.

  • Published on May 6, 2019
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