Buying a Used Farming Tractor

| 7/9/2013 12:54:12 PM

Tags: farming tractor, machinery, backhoe, digging, cost effective, budget, Chris Downs,

Now that we have our 40 acres, we are looking at the best tools that will help us build the farm.  Since we are growing in a cold environment, we are going to build a greenhouse first.  Our greenhouse will be built in the ground with the south facing wall being made of greenhouse film.

A List of What our Farming Tractor need to do 

Here is a list of our requirements for a tractor:

1.       Be able to dig trenches for water lines

2.       Be able to dig a foundation

3.       Have a large bucket to move dirt and create tiers inside the greenhouse

4.       Be able to unload pallets off of a flatbed truck

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