The Bison Company Reinvents Fire with the Airlighter

| 4/14/2014 10:32:00 AM

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The Airlighter is unlike any other fire lighter on the planet designed for serious grillers, tailgaters and campers. It runs on a patented technology that combines a high velocity flame with a jet-air-stream that ignites charcoal instantly so that you can be cooking for guests within five minutes.  It is an environmental breakthrough for grilling, greatly reducing the amount of fuel needed to get your grill going. And, it is also the safest way to start and maintain your grill, avoiding unwanted lighter fluid burn accidents. Faster. Cleaner. Safer.

Airlighter for grilling

The Bison Airlighter jets a 4-inch flame to instantly ignite charcoal and wood. The super-heated 2,600 degree flame can overcome wind, rain and stubborn to light fuel with ease. Once kindling is ignited the flame can be turned off and a built-in, cool air fan will deliver powerful airflow to quickly spread flames throughout the fuel pile stocking the fire to high heat for the fastest cold to cook time. With the Bison Airlighter charcoal-grilling fans will never have to resort to using lighter fluid again resulting in cleaner, healthier and better tasting meals.

Fireplace lighting

Portable and multi-purpose the Airlighter can be used in any setting inside the home, backyard or deep woods to light charcoal grills, campfires, wood fireplaces and just about any other fire. The adjustable grip handle makes it easy to maneuver the Bison Airlighter into any grill, fire pit or fireplace and the LED flashlight on the front of the device improves visibility for lighting fires at night. The storage hook on the underside of the Airlighter can even be used as a bottle opener, solving yet another common grilling dilemma.

Airlighter LED Flashlight

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