2016 Gift Guide: Home & Garden Tools

By Staff
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2016 Gift Guide: Home & Garden Tools

You can’t go wrong with home and garden tools for family and friends who like to garden, keep their landscapes looking nice, tinker around the house, and work on DIY projects in the shop. These products would also make nice additions to your own arsenal of tools.

By GRIT Editors

Air Compressor

The C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit from PORTER-CABLE features a pancake-style tank for optimal stability, with a capacity of 6 gallons, as well as a low-amp 120-volt motor that starts easily in cold weather. The compressor provides longer air tool performance, is equipped with a durable oil-free pump for a long life and no maintenance, and is easy to carry.

Where to buy:Amazon; Lowe’s

Comments from the GRIT editors: Easily portable. Lots of power. Accessory kit is great for airing up tires. Compressor handles air tools with no problem. Great size for the homeowner who doesn’t need a huge unit.

Battery Charger/Radio

For anyone who uses a lot of power tools, the Charger/Radio from DEWALT would make a fantastic gift. It’s a battery charger and radio, all in one. It has two AC power outlets and a USB port that allows a device to be charged via USB when the radio is plugged into a wall outlet. An amplifier, woofers, and tweeters provide a full range of volume for optimum sound quality.

Where to buy:Lowe’s; Amazon

Comments from the GRIT editors: Nice, compact design. Charges batteries with no problem. Radio has great sound quality. Great addition to any shop or garage.

Grow Box

Container gardening continues to grow in popularity, and containers like the GrowBox from A Garden Patch, which have a built-in water reservoir that keeps plants comfortably moist, make it easy and efficient to plant everything from salad greens to a bee-friendly flower garden.

Where to buy:A Garden Patch

Comments from the GRIT editors: Perfect for the deck or patio. No weeding. Can grow just about anything. The box automatically waters and feeds, so there’s no fuss. Easy to move, if needed.

Paper Potter

The Paper Potter from Minnie and Moon would make a fantastic gift for anyone who starts their own seedlings. This simple tool allows the user to make seed pots out of newspaper. Since you plant the seedlings in the pot, the plants will avoid transplant shock and be off to a strong, healthy start. And money will never again need to be spent on purchasing pots. The process is easy and forgiving, and it’s a great activity for kids.

Where to buy:Minnie and Moon

Comments from the GRIT editors: Easy to use. Eco-friendly. Saves money. Fun and exciting project for kids of all ages. 

Planting Augers

Planting augers make digging holes fast and easy. These sturdy metal planting augers are the ideal tools for planting all kinds of plants — and even for aerating soil in garden beds. The Homeowner Starter Pack of Planting Augers from Power Planter contains two of the most popular digging augers. Power Planter 207 digs holes 2 inches wide and 7 inches deep, ideal for planting small annual bedding plants, grass plugs, and bare-root saplings. The Power Planter 307 digs 3-inch-wide holes up to 7 inches deep, perfect for larger bedding plants and flower bulbs — and also some DIY projects like mixing potting soils or small batches of mortar. The augers have a ?-inch, non-slip hex drill bit end that fits into any standard power drill.

Where to buy:Power Planter

Comments from the GRIT editors: Simple to use. Makes quick, easy work of digging holes for planting. Sturdy and made to last.

Screwdriver Set

The 8-Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set from STANLEY is a useful gift for just about anyone. The set features soft-grip handles for comfort and control, chrome-plated bars for corrosion resistance, and magnetic tips to help hold screws.

Where to buy: Amazon; Walmart; select hardware stores

Comments from the GRIT editors: Well-made. Nice range of sizes. Easy and comfortable to use.

Telescoping Ratchet Loppers

Anyone who maintains their own landscape needs the Telescoping Ratchet Loppers from Gardener’s Supply Co. The handles, made of lightweight aluminum, telescope from 28 inches to 40 inches long. The sturdy steel jaw opens up to 2½ inches wide, and the ratcheting action allows the user to apply more strength to tough, dry wood.

Where to buy:Gardener’s Supply Co.  

Comments from the GRIT editors: Lightweight and easy to use, even with the handles telescoped. Handles are easy to adjust. Cuts right through tough vines and small tree limbs. Very tough tool.

Tool Bag

A 12-Inch Soft-Sided Tool Bag from STANLEY will help homeowners get their tools organized. The bag has an adjustable strap, cotton-padded handles, a rubber foam bottom, and an outer mesh pocket for personal belongings or small tools and accessories.

Where to buy:Amazon; Walmart; select hardware stores

Comments from the GRIT editors: Great size for storing basic household tools. Made with quality materials and reinforced seams. Easy to open and close. Fits perfectly under the kitchen sink.

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