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Each prize pack includes the following products:

Chicken E-lixir added to drinking water is a natural approach to keeping chickens healthy by supporting immune systems and promoting digestive health. For everyday use, it contains a unique blend of organic oregano essential oil, prebiotics, calcium, vitamins D & E and electrolytes.

Coop Recuperate is the safe and natural way to care for your coop. Organic eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils along with diatomaceous earth reduce odor and moisture and help improve the quality of your compost.

Flock Fixer is a vitamin rich additive that helps hydrate, restores vital nutrients and helps support immunity. Use during times of challenge like hot/cold weather, appearance changes, cleaning the coop and chick arrival.

Golden Graze promotes quality eggs with golden yolks and Omega-3 fatty acids. It contains oregano essential oil, multi-grains, cracked corn, oyster shells, marigold petals, and flaxseed. Treat your feathered friends to this healthy daily snack and enjoy eggsellent eggs. 

Happy Tract promotes digestive health and immunity in your flock. It contains oregano, cinnamon, and thyme essential oils, prebiotics, multi-grains, cracked corn and sunflower seeds. Treat your feathered friends to this healthy daily snack.

Six winners will each receive this chicken
package from Ralco, valued at $87!


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