Nature still provides just as many effective remedies today as in times gone by. These remedies work as valuable medicine against all sorts of diseases and conditions … as well as the unpleasant side effects of modern life, such as stress, exhaustion and listlessness.

New science has acknowledged the positive properties of many medicinal herbs. This growing interest in medicinal herbs is accompanied by the desire to make simple preparations at home that benefit and address the common conditions and ailments of both men and women. When concerns affect children and teenagers, parents can offer onion packs if their offspring complain of painful ears, because they recognize that many of their grandmother's home cures are exactly that, cures. In fact, all age groups can and do benefit from nature's healing powers without a lot of effort. Throughout this wonderfully comprehensive book the easiest methods and the most popular applications for natural remedies are provided in detail. In the large recipe section there is a suitable recipe for almost any complaint.

Making use of the healing power of plants can be accomplished with little effort by producing home-style "remedies." The 68 recipes address different types of complaints, organized for every age and stage of life. Each remedy includes step-by-step instructions, enabling the least-experienced reader to make a suitable remedy with confidence. No prior knowledge required.

For small children, Marjoram Ointment works wonders: By applying a little under a child's sniffly nose, the sneezing stops quickly. Homemade Ginger Candy greatly alleviates the effects of morning sickness. Using a natural gargling solution of sage tea, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil soothes a tickly, sore and difficult to swallow sore throat.

Recent studies from Europe show that nearly half the population is convinced that herbal remedies work and trust in nature's healing powers. This trend is mirrored here in North America. With this outstanding resource guide, dozens of useful and prescriptive home herbal remedies can be easily created.

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