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The Shock-or-Not Poultry Fence Kit is a multipurpose electric poultry net fence with a non-electrifiable, chick-tight mesh along the bottom. This combination allows you to use the enclosure as a non-electrified day pen for small birds, or as an electrified pen for effective predator protection day and night. Quick and simple to set up in 10 minutes or less (due to built-in line posts), the Shock-or-Not Poultry Fence is best used when moved daily or weekly.

Note: This fence does not include an energizer to electrify the net.

CLICK HERE to buy an energizer.

More information:

• 48 inches tall installed
• Double spike line posts (0.60-inch diameter) are made from PVC and are spaced every 6 feet 8 inches
• Post spikes are 6 inches long and have a 0.26-inch diameter
• 100-foot roll length

This item is only available for shipment to the continental United States.

Category: Flock Management

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