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Secrets of the Forest Volume 4: The Art of Archery & Other Projectiles and The Blessed Path of Water by Mark Warren is a two-part resource book. Part one (Projectiles) covers making and using the sling, throwing-spear, atlatl, and bow and arrow. Also included are the steelier implements – throwing knife and tomahawk. Most important in this volume is the art of archery – the refined, handed-down techniques for shooting a bow and arrow accurately, consistently. Part two (The Blessed Path of Water) explores the dynamics of the open canoe, beginning on calm water and graduating to whitewater.

Is This Book for You?

• If you are a student of Nature on a quest to master the ancient survival skills of the Native Americans, this book offers a step-by-step guide.
• If you are a teacher who understands the value of experiential education for your students or scouts or outing club, your lesson plans lie within these covers.
• If you are a hiker who wants to carry less gear and become more self-reliant by using what the forest has to offer, these pages will lighten your load.
• If you are an employee at an outdoor venue (private, state, or national park; summer camp; or nature center) or work as a river, trail, or hunting guide and crave more knowledge of your natural surroundings for the sake of teaching clients, your schooling begins here.
• If you yearn for that intimate relationship that the Native Americans enjoyed with Nature, to transcend from visitor to participant in the forest, that life- changing journey begins here.

And if you are a parent who seeks the practical and spiritual grounding for your child that comes from time spent in the workshop of Nature, these pages are stepping stones on a pathway of adventures that you and your child can walk together. Quality family time, being at home in Nature, learning the most fundamental skills that humans were meant to use on this planet … you'll find that here.

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Author: Mark Warren

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