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The long-term food storage techniques for nutritious, delicious, lifesaving meals in this book include tips and tricks for preparing shelf-stable foods in your dehydrator. Forget those tasteless K-rations and preservative-filled, prepackaged foods. With this book and a dehydrator, you can quickly and easily convert fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats into a delicious stockpile of tasty foods. The most environmentally sustainable way to utilize your survival garden’s complete harvest, dehydrating is an ideal solution to long-term food storage. Plus, it’s healthy and affordable!

Learn how to expertly use your dehydrator to produce the most effective and delectable dried results. Then discover a variety of recipes to turn your rehydrated stockpile into nutritious, cheap, and flavorful snacks, such as fruit leathers; turkey, beef and chicken jerkies; soups; jar meals; and more.

Category: Food & Cooking

Pages: 183

ISBN-10: 1-61243-786-9

ISBN-13: 978-1-61243-786-6

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