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This western fiction set includes the following books by the beloved Louis L'Amour:

Bowdrie - Texas Ranger Chick Bowdrie stands head and shoulders above the rest. He rides in the name of justice, but he lives by his own law.

The Ferguson Rifle - Stripped of all he values in life, Ronan Chantry takes up his prized Ferguson rifle and heads west, into an unknown land and an uncertain future.

The Rider of Lost Creek - Lance Kilkenny has a debt to pay, and he isn't about to let the friend who saved his life go down in a range war.

The First Fast Draw - East Texas wasn't much of a home for Cullen Baker. Few liked him, and some even tried to kill him. Yet after three hard years of wandering, he's come back to farm the land that's rightfully his.

Dark Canyon - When Gaylord Riley walked away from the Coburn gang, he had money and a dream. He worked hard and built a cabin, gathered a herd of cattle, and fell in love with Marie Shattuck.

Sackett/The Day Breakers - One of the most popular fictional creations of our time, the chronicle of the Sackett family is also one of Louis L'Amour's crowning achievements, and these two magnificent novels are proof.

Free! Passin' Through - It seemed the perfect place to lie low, but for a man interested only in passin' through, a dusty ranch proved a place where a stranger could get entangled in a deadly struggle.


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