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Become the ultimate outdoorsman with this collection by GRIT that gives you all the right tips and techniques!

GRIT Complete Guide to the Woodlot

In this guide you'll discover information on managing your forest, how to choose a woodstove, making money from your wooded acres, and much more. The Complete Guide to the Woodlot explores ways to get the most out of your woods, from the science of stacking firewood and choosing the best wood for burning to picking the best chainsaw and selling timber from your land.

Whether you want to heat your home with wood, grill with wood chunks, or pick the perfect log splitter, this guide covers it all. Learn how to build a kitchen island, make your own wooden shakes, or maintain your property with a chipper-shredder.

Other articles include:

• The Time-Honored Art of Splitting Wood: Once you’ve mastered the tools and techniques, splitting wood by hand can be a pleasure.
• The Art of Coppicing: This ancient technique lets forests produce timber without killing trees.
• How to Make a Homemade Fire Starter: A few ordinary household items can be combined to easily create a starter for your fireplace.
• When to Choose Wood Heat: For some households, heating with wood is a smart, sustainable option. Learn about the benefits and costs of using a woodstove to heat your home.
• Crafting Dimensional Sawed Timbers with a Home Lumber Mill: Portable sawmills let you use lumber from your land.
• Profit with a Portable Sawmill Business: Learn how to generate money for the homestead by processing wood, custom cutting lumber, and more.

GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival Winter 2017 Country Skills Series

Get all the skills and know-how so you can successfully survive outdoors! In the 96-page GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival, you’ll find more than 95 tips to thrive while camping, hunting, and hiking. Learn about fail-safe fire starting, tips for building a wilderness shelter, making cordage from natural materials, locating water in the wilderness, edible insects and how to eat them, finding your way, and car survival tips for a blizzard.

Other articles in the guide include:

• Survival Personality: Develop Your Intuition – Intuition is a powerful ally, especially in dangerous situations.
• Eating Cattails – An essential (and tasty) foraging skill.
• Make Cold Weather Camping Gear from Wool Blankets – For economical, dependable insulation, it’s hard to beat wool.
• Wilderness First Aid Basics – Your quick response could mean the difference between life and death.
• Base Camping with Children – Discover the secret of wilderness success when camping as a family.
• How to Make Soap from Ashes –Making soap in the woods can be almost automatic.
• And more!

Get the most out of your trip in the wilderness with the GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival.

GRIT Guide to Guns, Knives, and More 1st Edition

Get all your hunting know-how with the GRIT Guide to Guns, Knives, and More! This 96-page special edition guide contains the best knowledge and tips for hunting, fishing, and protecting your home. Learn about home gunsmithing, bow hunting, proper shot placement, arming your homestead, field dressing and skinning big game, and more. Make your own knives, hunt safely and humanely, and create amazing recipes from your bounty, all with the Grit Guide to Guns, Knives, and More.

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