Animals are an important part of any homestead, and GRIT has compiled the perfect collection of animal-related reading to keep you informed!

GRIT Guide to Backyard Rabbits, 6th Edition

Looking to start raising rabbits for meat? Wondering how you can keep those pesky wild rabbits out of your garden? GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Rabbits is the answer to all these questions and many more. Inside this 96-page guide you'll find more than 69 keys to a successful rabbit-raising enterprise.

Follow the simple instructions to help your rabbitry dreams move from concept to reality, with easy-to-follow rabbit housing plans. Discover how to cook with rabbit meat. Learn the best time to start breeding rabbits, and how to care and feed your pregnant does. Read how to keep your rabbit healthy by following basic guidelines.

Other articles include:

• Historic Meat Rabbit Breeds: Find the perfect meat rabbits for your patch of paradise.
• DIY Rabbit Homes and Equipment: Get building with these rabbit housing plans.
• Cooking With Rabbit: Broaden your meat horizons with healthful, domestic rabbit.
• How to Tan Rabbit Hides: Don’t let any part of your animals go to waste.
• Ban Bunnies from Your Vegetable Patch: Build this safe, simple, and humane trap to keep uninvited critters out of your garden.

GRIT Guide to Barnyard Animals Spring 2018

GRIT has compiled 100 pages of helpful articles on basic skills for raising barnyard animals. This full-color guide features advice, tips, and ideas from industry experts on raising and maintaining your animal herd … whether you have cattle, horses, sheep, goats, bees, chickens, rabbits, or alpacas.

Read how to care for livestock in any weather. Learn what you need in order to put together a disaster plan on a small farm. Discover secrets related to grazing, forage, and shelters.

GRIT Guide to Backyard Chickens Spring 2018

At 100 full-color pages, this one-of-a-kind reference book is designed to arm you with all the information needed to enjoy the simple country pleasures of farm-fresh eggs and poultry, straight from your own backyard.

GRIT's Guide to Backyard Chickens includes an extensive collection of relevant articles, including:

• Keep Chickens Comfortable in All Temperatures
• Best Chicken Breeds
• Egg and Chicken Recipe
• Free-Range Flocks
• DIY Coops
• Explore the Entertaining Behavior of Your Flock
• Learn More from the Experts Who Blog for GRIT
• Taking Precautions – Recent outbreaks of salmonella highlight the need to take care when tending a backyard flock
• Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs! Once your flock has started laying eggs, what do you do with all the extras?
• Fermentations for the Flock – Improve your poultry’s health while saving money at the feed store

GRIT Guide to Backyard Bees & Honey Winter 2017

Learn everything you need to know about raising bees with the GRIT Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey! Beekeeping is becoming both more popular and more necessary in our world. Experience the beauty and joy of raising your own bees every day with this guide! Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey will teach you how to attract pollinators with buzzworthy plants; discover the differences between beehives; use fresh, local honey in a host of recipes; and more.

Read all the beekeeping basics to get you started, or take it a few steps further and become an expert beekeeper in your own backyard! Peruse articles on harnessing a swarm of honey bees (also known as getting your bees for free), building honey extractors, spotting the difference in beehives, the pros and cons of a top-bar hive, and more. This 96-page guide will get you started on being your own backyard beekeeper.

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