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Rammed earth (sand, gravel, and clay or lime/cement binder packed into forms) is a low-energy, high-performance building method, yielding beautiful, sustainable results. This method is thermally stable, can be insulated, can actively modulate humidity, provides a healthy indoor environment, and allows site materials to be used for major structural and building envelope elements.

Essential Rammed Earth Construction covers design, building science, tools, and step-by-step building methods for any climate, with a special emphasis on building in cold climates of the northern United States, Canada, and northern Europe. The book provides an overview of earthen building, and goes over topics that include the appropriate use of rammed earth walls, stabilized versus raw rammed earth, and design considerations. Inside, you’ll find construction drawings with step-by-step building instructions.

This guide is an essential resource for DIY home owners, designers, engineers, and architects interested in learning about rammed earth construction.

Category: Homesteading , DIY

Pages: 160

ISBN-10: 0-86571-857-1

ISBN-13: 978-0-86571-857-9

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