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If you've ever thought about pursuing a self-sufficient lifestyle on your own rural homestead or survival retreat but feared you didn't have the money or skills to do it, you simply must read this book. It’s a gold mine of practical steps and instructions to take you from dreaming about an off-grid, independent lifestyle to living one!

There are hundreds of things to think about before planning and starting your new life, and this book will save you valuable time and money by steering you down productive paths and making you carefully consider others. Just some of the areas it covers include:

  • 4 rules for defining your goals for your homestead or retreat
  • Creative ways to find inexpensive rural property to buy
  • The essential tools, vehicles and skills you will need to succeed
  • 10 rules for a self-sufficient garden
  • Designing the off-grid home so it's warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Questions you must ask before investing in farm animals, livestock or even pets
  • 9 rules for getting along with your country neighbors
  • Tips for working smart, being realistic and avoiding burnout

Author: Steven D. Gregerson

Format: Paperback

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