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This Carbon Fiber Heater is perfect for keeping lambing pens, chicken coops, and horse stables warm and comfortable for the animals. Different from regular bulbs, carbon fiber bulbs have a long life and efficiently convert 98 percent of watts to heat. Due to their high heat output, these heaters should be hung higher than heat lamps, which allows heat to disperse over a large area (and prevents hot spots).

More information:

• Unique internal tilt switch turns the unit off if an unsafe angle (greater than 30 degrees) is reached.
• High-output carbon fiber bulbs produce four to six times more heat than conventional bulbs.
• Simple on/off switch.
• Secure hanging attachment.
• 7.5 feet of cord.
• Cooling fins reduce heat buildup around electronic controls.
• Included reflecting cone directs heat downward toward livestock.
• Wire grill prevents animals or birds from contacting bulbs.

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