A treasure-trove of valuable information, the fall issue of Capper's Farmer includes great articles for homemade ice cream, condiments and pizza; a beginner's guide to canning; 17 uses for baking soda; ideas for planting flowers; and much more.

Wonderful recipes fill the pages of this special issue. Enjoy serving up cool treats such as Fudge Ripple Ice Cream and Simple Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Craft your own condiments by learning to create homemade mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and fresh tomato ketchup.

Within this issue you'll also find simple tips to enhance the fresh flavors on your grill. Solve all kinds of household problems with baking soda, using it for everything from cleaning to creating beauty products. Save money by planting a fall salad garden: Not only will it provide beauty in your yard, its delicious flavors will leave money in your pocket. Enjoy a look at what camping gear was used in 1900, how much it cost, and how much the gear weighed.

Other articles include:

  • Summer Kitchen: The original outdoor cook room holds comforting memories and historical tidbits.
  • Fall for Comfort Food: Stay in and cook up one of these classic dishes.
  • An Apple a Day … : … really can keep the doctor away!
  • Country Canines: The life of a farm dog is one to be envied, especially by town breeds.
  • An Old-Fashioned Scrapbook: Preserve family history in a beautiful DIY heritage album.

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