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Many people think of wildlife as something distant, creatures living in natural forests and remote public preserves. But most wildlife in the United States isn’t found in the distant wild. It lives on our private lands, in our very backyards. Because of this, the nation’s 10 million woodland owners are, in fact, at the forefront in protecting our wildlife for generations to come.

While most landowners want to help preserve the beauty of the natural environment, however, most are unsure where to begin. In Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard, author and landowner Josh VanBrakle provides readers with 101 easy-to-follow activities and practical approaches to help do just that.

Some projects include:

  • Installing a bat box
  • Making a food plot
  • Identifying trees that attract wildlife
  • Forming a brush pile
  • Assessing a stream's health
  • Building a pond
  • Learning birdcalls
  • Planning a backyard scavenger hunt

Complete with stunning wildlife photographs and an appendix of practical resources, Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard is an essential read for anyone who cares about the environment.

Category: Organic Gardening

Pages: 312

ISBN-10: 1-5107-2848-1

ISBN-13: 978-1-5107-2848-6

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Author: Josh VanBrakle

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