With this new, professional series blender you can add more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains to your diet! Have fun making breakfast smoothies, nut butter for sandwiches, afternoon green juice pick-me-ups, and creamy hot soups for dinner. The professional series blender combines powerful blending and versatility in the kitchen with a pulse function, an infinite speed dial for ultimate control, and four program settings for one-touch convenience.

    The unique grain program provides freshly ground whole grains for breads, muffins, and more. The premium airflow management improves sound dampening for a quieter experience. The 64-ounce, low profile jar is designed for superior performance and easy storage below cabinets. A peak 2.4-horsepower motor blasts through ice, frozen fruits, and other tough ingredients at speeds over 210 mph!

    Item: 9464

    Drawing on a combination of classic and boldly contemporary techniques, Raichlen presents 100 inspired recipes that capture the full range of what grillers want to cook today. Consider your basic steak. Raichlen starts with the iconic: a T-bone grilled over direct heat, smartly tattooed with grill marks and lavished (the way the pros do it) with sizzling beef fat. Then he teaches a technique new to most of us: reverse-searing. This approach allows you to grill a monster steak, such as a beef tomahawk, to perfection while also imparting a haunting smoky flavor. Of course, there’s a Caveman Sirloin: meat seared right on the coals, as dramatic as grilling gets. Plus, here’s how to blow-torch a veal chop, and how to spit-roast whole cauliflower on a rotisserie. Learn to grill mussels in hay, squash on a salt slab, and salmon steaks on a shovel over a campfire.

    Item: 8830

    Project Smoke tells you how to make the alchemy happen, with Steven Raichlen’s seven steps to smoking nirvana; an in-depth description of the various smokers; the essential brines, rubs, marinades, and barbecue sauces; and a complete guide to fuel, including how each type of wood subtly seasons a dish. The book includes recipes for 100 enticing, succulent, boldly flavored smoked dishes.

    Item: 7970

    The QuailCrate is ideal for transporting small game birds from the farm to the field trial. It has top and side doors that make loading and unloading birds a breeze. Plus, it has a solid bottom (so you can transport baby chicks and other newborn poultry).

    Item: 9334

    At the center of every beehive is the queen been. Can you find her?

    This fun and informational book includes 48 search-and-find challenges that will improve any bee enthusiast’s queen spotting ability.

    Though she rarely leaves the hive, the queen bee’s days are marked by dramatic events, from battles for dominance in the virgin death match to aerial romance in a cloud of drones.

    Follow urban beekeeper and swarm catcher Hilary Kearney on a trip deep inside the golden, fragrant, buzzing hive for a vivid exploration of the queen bee’s fascinating life and domain.

    Take the queen spotting challenge! Can you find the Queen?

    Item: 9668

    This Ratchet Press is an Italian-made ratchet press that has a 12-gallon capacity. The "Old World" design comes with a hardwood basket, double ratchet and steel basin. The ratcheting action allows greater pressure to be applied to the grapes or other fruit for an easier, more efficient press, saving you time and energy over the standard style presses. When you are done pressing just wash it off with a hose.

    Approximate Basket Dimensions:

    • Diameter - 14"
    • Height - 18"

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

    Item: 9663

    This high-quality set of 24 greeting cards features photographs of six different red tractors, from the iconic Farmall to the last of the cutting edge 2+2 four-wheel-drive tractors built by International Harvester. The cards are perfect for the holidays, but are blank inside so you can send them for any occasion.

    Item: 9098

    Use this replacement filter in your Complete Crock Water System for turning water from wells, streams, rain, and more into ready-to-drink water! The ceramic filter is filled with pharmaceutical-grade carbon and other special adsorbents to eliminate lead, arsenic, fluoride, and much more!

    Item: 9497

    Measuring 65.5 inches wide by 42 inches long, the Rhode Island Homestead Henhouse features quality tongue-and-groove construction! This coop was engineered to be solid. It features four roosting rods, two large vents, a back door that swings open to allow wide access, a sliding poop tray, and a sliding door to close off the henhouse. This product is made with nonsplintering fir timber.

    The inside of the coop (not including the nesting boxes) measures 38 inches wide by 38 inches long by 47 inches tall. The nesting boxes range from 13 to 16 inches deep.

    The panels come preassembled with predrilled holes, and the heavy-gauge wire mesh arrives already attached. Each piece is labeled, and the instructions are easy to follow.

    A few additional points to consider:

    • The henhouse includes multiple vents, providing important airflow.
    • Each panel features four additional diagonal wooden support pieces.
    • There’s a run extension/support under each nesting box.
    • The coop’s acrylic sliding window won’t shrink or expand as a wooden version would (making it difficult to open the windows or vents).
    • The hard plastic liner under all roof panels provides durability and weatherproofing.
    • Every piece is labeled.
    • The heavy-duty hardware includes 16-gauge galvanized steel mesh, thick nesting box dividers, and a well-constructed ladder.

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. This item is only available for shipment to addresses in the continental United States.

    Item: 9619

    The Rhode Island Run Extension provides extra space to increase your flock size or give more room to your current flock! This run extension is specifically designed for the Rhode Island Homestead Coop, but it can be fashioned to other coops. The run measures 50.5 inches tall by 39.5 inches wide by 101.5 inches long. Three roosting rods are included. This product is made with nonsplintering fir timber.

    Each piece is labeled and features predrilled holes. The easy instructions walk you through the entire assembly process!

    Please allow two weeks for delivery. This item is only available for shipment to addresses in the continental United States.

    Item: 9621

    The Roo Apron is perfect for helping you harvest vegetables from the garden, pull weeds, or collect anything that needs to be put away! No more using your shirt trying to get vegetables indoors! Simply put on the Roo, fill the pouch, and the cylinder chute allows you to deposit your collection without messy fallout. It also eliminates the piles of weeds that follow you around your yard as you work.

    The apron’s advantages include:

    • Adjustable cotton straps that allow for a comfortable fit for all sizes
    • Industrial-strength cotton
    • Water-resistant nylon storage pouch
    • Plastic hooks that allow for easy release of the pouch
    • Machine washable

    Item: 9674


    Please click here for a larger image.

    The latest by Kansas artist Matthew Stallbaumer, "Season's Sunset" is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2003's "Community Thrashin.'" This vivid country scene reflects the enjoyment of a time often encountered by farmers and country cruisers — the end of a day, the change of a season. Enthusiasts will note the late model 4020 John Deere and the Chevrolet's body style reflect an end of an era. Several more farm-life details (some less obvious than others!) make this print a magnificent addition to any home.

    Only 750 "limited edition" prints were produced, each signed and numbered by the artist, so order yours now before they're gone!

    Item: 2332

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