| 11/5/2009 4:30:04 PM

Jean TellerReunions. Events to anticipate. Events to dread. Most years, my life includes a few enjoyable family reunions. This year, however, it’s been school reunions on my calendar.

I’m a self-confessed wallflower, so I’m not sure why I have this compulsion to attend school reunions. But there I was, saying yes to three events.

The first was an invitation to the reunion connected with the 100th edition of a yearbook. For the two years I worked on my master’s degree at this university, I worked for the business entity that published both the newspaper and the yearbook. It was interesting work. I did, however, spend most of my time in the radio-television department as a graduate teaching assistant and with the friends I made in that department. I had few social encounters with the other students in the journalism department, not because they weren’t great people – they were – I simply spent most of my time elsewhere.

A special book put together by the 2009 Royal Purple staff.

For the yearbook, I was a copy editor, and I wrote a few articles. I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from those days, probably because I was at least 10 years older than most of my classmates. Yet I was back on campus, amazed at the changes and how everything still managed to look the same. I spoke with a few people, managed to snub a favorite professor, bought some gear at the bookstore, wandered through the two buildings in which I spent most of my time, drove by my old apartment, and spent a couple of wonderful hours perusing the internationally recognized museum of art.

As the weekend progressed, I realized that it would have been better if I’d stayed home. I may visit campus again – there is always the bookstore, the new (to me) library and that great art museum to explore. Another reunion? Probably not.

Brenda Kipp_1
11/9/2009 4:42:42 PM

Jean, I enjoyed reading about your reunions. I've not been to a high school reunion (like you, I was a wallflower), but I've been to several college reunions (college life brought me out of my shell). I still have close ties to my college pals. I also enjoyed seeing your pictures. You haven't changed a bit!