Opening a New Max Freeman Mystery

| 12/18/2008 11:04:53 AM

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It’s a delight to discover a new series of books, filled with great characters, believable, taut and challenging plots, satisfying conclusions, and, of course, the promise of more to come.

Blue Edge of Midnight by Jonathon King   The second in the Max Freeman Series, A Visible Darkness is by Jonathon King.

This fall, I discovered a new-to-me author and his first series. The first book, The Blue Edge of Midnight, was an Edgar Award winner for new author Jonathon King. I quickly finished it and the second in the series, A Visible Darkness. Then I moved on to other authors, all the while wishing I’d run out to get the next Max Freeman book.

A November trip to my local bookstore garnered the next two titles, Shadow Men and A Killing Night. They didn’t last long after I returned home; I devoured them in short order, and now the fifth in the series awaits me, Acts of Nature.

Shadow Men, by Jonathon King, takes Max Freeman into an 80-year-old mystery.   A Killing Night, by Jonathon King, features ex-cop Max Freeman.

My favorite genre is the mystery, and among the many facets of the genre, the police procedural has always captured my attention. From Dell Shannon to Ed McBain, from John Sandford to Michael Connelly, from Kay Hooper to Laurie King, the cop on the job is a fascinating character.

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