Pigs on Parade and More

| 7/11/2014 8:47:00 AM

Helloooooo there!

Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow here!

Yesterday was an exciting day here on the farm! First, it turns out those fat piggies aren't as stupid as they look, because they figured out how to get their gate off its hinges and escape! Farmer Heather was trying to lure them back with food while keeping the bucket between them and her. It was a sight!

In the end, she couldn't fix the pen, so they had a big day out roaming the pasture, wallowing in the pond and sleeping in the compost bins. Silly pigs!

Pigs on Parade

Then, just when we thought the excitement was over for the day, we got a report from a neighbor that her friend was down by our pond standing on the head of a snake! Luckily Farmer Eric was home to handle that one! Heather doesn't do snakes.