How to Treat Common Plant Diseases

| 4/28/2015 3:24:00 PM

James WhiteThere’s nothing worse than working hard in your garden only to discover that disease has ruined part of your crop. So much time is involved in maintaining a garden, and no one wants to put forth all that effort for no reward. To have a healthier harvest, let’s look at some of the most common plant diseases and how to prevent and treat them.

Early Blight

This disease affects tomatoes, especially in Mississippi. The first symptom is dark brown or black circular spots, which appear on older leaves. As the disease spreads, the leaves will turn yellow and begin to wither before falling off.

Often, only the newest leaves of the plant will stay green and appear healthy. In most severe cases of early blight, the plant will lose all of its leaves. Target-like sunken spots may develop on tomato branches and stems.

Prevention measures include the following:

  • Select the proper seeds.

  • Use an organic seed treatment before planting.

  • Use organic fungicides.

  • Dispose of infected plants.

  • Avoid planting in areas that were infected with early blight the year before.

Blossom-end Rot