Introducing Cactus Jack Splash

| 2/19/2010 10:33:56 AM

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boogie CJSMy name is Cactus Jack Splash, the most beautiful Appaloosa in the world, well at least that is what my human thinks. This is a spot for me to talk about my journeys through life and the lessons learned along the way.

boogie CJS

I joined my new owner, Syndi, and the adventures have begun. My owner decided that we would take lessons so we could communicate better. Well, I can tell you the communication breakdown is not on my part. How hard is it to understand what I am saying?

I snort at something and that means, hmmm that is interesting maybe I might be its friend. My owner thinks it means, oh geeze I don’t like that thing hang on because I am going to launch myself to the next county. I stomp my foot and that means, hurry up times a wasting. My owner thinks it means, darn fly go over and bother some other horse or that I am getting grumpy.

I cock my foot when my owner reaches down to pick it up that means, here now you don’t have to bend over and work so hard. My owner thinks it means, watch your head he may kick.

So as you can see I have a “dope on a rope” that I have to train. I invite you to join me in the joy of owning a human and laugh along with me as I train the DOR (dope on a rope) to be a good horseman, how to stop and breathe, and most of all what life is really all about.

Nebraska Dave
2/28/2010 7:22:15 PM

Cactus, I think it’s a great thing for you to stop by and hang out with us humans once in awhile. We so complicate our lives as you well know. You are such a handsome horse. I bet you have all the fillies swooning around your corral. I can hardly wait to hear about all the horsing around you have done in your youthful days. It will be a wonderful addition to get a little cross species input into the Grit community. I look forward to hear more about training your human and the many adventures you had growing up. Whinny whinny snort snort. That’s the best I can do in horse to say goodbye and see ya later. Maybe you can teach me a little more horse language in the coming blog entries.

2/21/2010 12:52:16 PM

Hello CJS and Syndi, Thanks for the laugh-out-loud introduction! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Alaska Susan

Oz Girl
2/20/2010 3:12:03 PM

Cactus Jack, you are most certainly the most beautiful appaloosa I've ever seen, what a gorgeous blanket you have! Welcome to Grit, and we look forward to hearing about your DOR training adventures. :-)

Cactus Jack Splash
2/19/2010 8:59:11 PM

Thank you for the warm welcome. It is nice to be in such good company.

Hank Will_2
2/19/2010 4:10:44 PM

Cactus Jack -- welcome to GRIT. Thanks for dragging your human along. I 'm looking forward to the ride.

Mountain Woman
2/19/2010 11:31:17 AM

Oh Cactus Jack, how wonderful to see you here!!! You are the most beautiful appaloosa in the world. I'm so glad you're sharing your blog with us because everyone is going to love you!!!!

2/19/2010 11:01:08 AM

Hi Cactus Jack Splash, I agree. You are beautiful. Nice to meet your owner Syndi too. I am sure you both will have the time of your life getting to know each other. My donkey Jack has his DOR trained to his every hee haw and breath mint request down pat. Have a great day. GaFarmWoman Pam

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