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| 8/13/2009 3:48:42 PM

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Jean TellerIt’s no secret that books are a passion of mine, and I’ve been occupied reading in recent weeks. All books that have resided on my desk for a while.

Less is More is a new offering from editors Cecile Andrews and Wanda Urbanska. The book’s subtitle just about says it all, “Embracing simplicity for a healthy plant, a caring economy and lasting happiness.”

Within its 280 pages, the book contains a number of essays from various writers – including Ogden Publications’ Publisher and Editorial Director Bryan Welch and our sister publication NATURAL HOME's Editor Robyn Griggs Lawrence – focusing on the Simplicity movement. While it sounds simple, Simplicity is a complex philosophy that argues the only way our planet, our society and each individual will survive the world changes facing us all is for us to focus on less materialistic goals and more inner peace.

Less is More by Cecile Andrews and Wanda UrbanskaAs the editors write in the preface, “What do people involved in the Simplicity movement do? Usually, people have focused on individual actions: reducing spending so they can work less and have more time for the things that are important to them. Thus, a life with less – less work, less stuff, less clutter – becomes more: more time for friends, family, community, creativity, civic involvement. Less stress brings more fulfillment and joy. Less rushing brings more satisfaction and balance. Less debt brings more serenity. Less is more.”

The editors, as well as the passionate authors spotlighted in the book, say the movement, though, cannot be limited to individuals. They believe Simplicity works great for each person, and that it would work – and is needed – at every governmental, corporate and societal level.

Again, the editors: “We must create a movement that leads to policy changes. We need policies regulating corporate behavior, work hours, the wealth gap and sustainability.”

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