Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

Nothing Needs to be Wasted

By Brian Kaller

Up to 80 per cent of our food is wasted – inexcusable in a world with so many struggling farmers and starving children. The silver lining, though, is that this means we could cure world hunger right now with what we already have. The first step, though, is eliminating waste in your own life.

Homemade Baguette Recipe

By Oscar H. Will III and Karen Keb

This Homemade Baguette Recipe is perfect for dipping, making sandwiches or just by itself.

Ecothrifty Food Choices: Meal Planning, Water Canning and More

By Deborah Niemann

Ecothrifty food choices can be made by gradually adjusting your eating habits.

Best Summer Drink Recipes

by GRIT staff

Cool off one of our best summer drink recipes.


Buttery Microwave Cashew Brittle Recipe

By Jean Teller

Jean Teller shares a buttery microwave cashew brittle recipe from a Grit magazine reader.

Harvesting Herbs: Tips to Get the Most Yield From Your Herbs, Yummy Herb Butter Recipes

By Jean Smith From The Garden Gate Farm

Tips to get the most yield from your herbs, and some yummy herb butter recipes.

Chocolate Avocado Brownies

By Sheryl Normandeau

Chocolate brownies go green with a surprise ingredient.

Watermelon Pickles Recipe

By Jean Teller

Grit associate editor Jean Teller shares a watermelon pickles recipe to use up your excess watermelon crop.