Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

Wild Food All Around

By Brian Kaller

All food was wild once, and all the vegetables in rows at the grocers were bred over centuries from what we now call weeds. Their most promising pieces were swelled and sweetened, made fleshy or fertile to fit our tastes. Yet their original cousins still lie all around us - fresher and sometimes better than the supermarket version - and this time of year the Irish hedgerows create a vertical salad bar of fruits, nuts, leaves and berries.

Tough GRIT Episode 26: "Do-Si-Do"

It’s a showdown at the hoedown! These gutsy contestants battle it out for $1000 to Tractor Supply Company when they roast a pig over an open pit and churn delicious homemade ice cream with special musical guests County Road 5.

Wild Game Recipes for Hunting Season

By Editors of Fox Chapel Publishing

From crappie to venison, these Wild Game Recipes will help you make the most of this year’s hunting season.

Crappie Casserole With Spinach Recipe

By Editors of Fox Chapel Publishing

Bring your catch to the table with, out of our favorite crappie recipes, this simple and delicious Crappie Casserole With Spinach Recipe.


Nothing Needs to be Wasted

By Brian Kaller

Up to 80 per cent of our food is wasted – inexcusable in a world with so many struggling farmers and starving children. The silver lining, though, is that this means we could cure world hunger right now with what we already have. The first step, though, is eliminating waste in your own life.

Homemade Baguette Recipe

By Oscar H. Will III and Karen Keb

This Homemade Baguette Recipe is perfect for dipping, making sandwiches or just by itself.

Ecothrifty Food Choices: Meal Planning, Water Canning and More

By Deborah Niemann

Ecothrifty food choices can be made by gradually adjusting your eating habits.

Best Summer Drink Recipes

by GRIT staff

Cool off one of our best summer drink recipes.