Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

How to Cook Wild Game Meat

By Teresa Marrone

Learn how to cook wild game meat for the best results, with five recipes for big and small game and wild fowl.

Using Concentrated Fruit Juice in Homemade Wine

Add concentrated fruit juice to your homemade wine ingredients to give your wine a plum or kiwi taste.

Making Wine From a Kit at Home

The best way to learn about the winemaking process is to make wine from a kit for your first few batches then gradually experiment with ingredients as you become more familiar with it.

Chopped Beets

By MaryAnn

Making use of wine making by product of chopped beets.


LiLi Pasteurizer in Use on Back to the Future Farm

Press Release

Get farm-fresh milk, again, with the LiLi Pasteurizer from Bob-White Systems.

What Is Milk Kefir

By Meg with Modern Roots

Easy to make, this delicious drink is also an amazing super food!! Read on to learn just how good for you it is and how to make it.

Preserving Farm Kitchen Recipes

By Bob Artley and Rob Artley

What preserving farm kitchen recipes mean to the authors, and the memories of wholesome meals of their youth.

Cultured Butter, Buttermilk and Sour Cream

By Jana Smart Koschak

Make three cultured dairy products from one quart of cream!