Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

Rip's: Where Bar-B-Q Is King

By Lois Hoffman

You might not expect it, but one of the best little Bar-B-Q places around is in Indiana.

Sorting Out Leavening Agents

By Lois Hoffman

Sometimes old recipes are vague, so it's hard to know whether to use yeast, baking soda, or baking powder. Some recipes use a combination of the three, so I decided to see what the difference was between the leavening agents.

It's A Persimmon Kind Of Christmas

By Karen Lynn

Karen Lynn shares how she and The Viking came into a windfall of persimmons, as well as their excitement about the plethora of possibilities with this amazing fruit.

Old-Lady Cooking (and Cake)

By Connie Moore

When we can across a recipe called "Old Lady Cake," we started to wonder about "fancy" cooking versus "plain" cooking and what it really means.


Red Flint is More Than Chicken Feed

By Lois Hoffman

Red Flint corn — also known as Indian corn — is a heritage seed that produces an excellent cornmeal. One man saw an article on Red Flint corn a few years ago in GRIT magazine, and has since turned the crop into a family business.

A Chocolatier Pours Artistic Sweets

By Lois Hoffman

A chocolatier is not a chocolate maker, but rather an artist. It's win/win when something tastes good and is pretty to look at, too!

Benefits of Chocolate Are Too Good to Be True

By Lois Hoffman

Chocolate is probably America's favorite comfort food. Now, experts are saying that its consumption — in moderation — is also good for you. Life is good!

Easy Pumpkin Puree From Scratch

By Jordan Charbonneau

Many of us are fans of all things pumpkin come autumn, but how many of us would know what to do with an actual pumpkin? Using fresh pumpkin is a lot easier than you'd think, and this post can have you there in just couple of hours!