Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

Good Farm Breakfast

By Lyssa McKenry

Here's what to eat for a hardy breakfast that will stick around while you're putting in a full day's work.

Mrs. Rorer's Cook Book

By Chuck Mallory

This 1886 cookbook is the scariest book I own.

Summer Grilling with Dry Rubs

By Lyssa McKenry

Homemade dry rub recipes for grilling meat.

Two for Tea

By Lois Hoffman

Drinking tea is not only refreshing and comforting, it is also good for you!


Just Eat It

By Connie Moore

A unique documentary opens our eyes to food waste in the U.S.

Celery Sense

By Connie Moore

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with this crunchy vegetable.

Recipes Tie Families Together

By Lois Hoffman

"Heritage recipes" are family recipes that have been passed through the years but are not necessarily written down, so eventually they might be lost. Putting those recipes to paper and creating a family cookbook will make a valuable keepsake and also tie families together.

It's a One Potato Day

By Connie Moore

When long February days bring on kitchen boredom, the only thing left to do is experiment.